The "EBP" : Expertise Buisiness Plan

The “EBP” was launched in order to help artists.

Often too involved in the creative side of their works, many artists are either too busy or indifferent towards the commercial aspect of their profession. Yet, one of the principal condition of success.

Many forget that being an artist is a profession, and with it come social and budgetary obligations. Many are the artists, who, however talented have ignored this fact and have subsequently gone under.Where as actually new opportunities will be presented in 2009 (see pages : Artists & collectors).

What an EBP is ?

An EBP is accurate and detailed audit with two aims:
  1. Valuation of your work and approach.
  2. Increase of your sales .

Contractual content of an EBP :

  1. Valuation of works with a certificate issued accordingly.
  2. A written critique in English, French and Chinese.
  3. Delivery of standard certificates of authenticity.

With EBP you will benefit from our on-going support which will smooth your path by opening doors to galleries, shows, foundations, or simply your everyday art lover...


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